Technology Transfer (T2), Subject Matter Expert

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Position Title Technology Transfer (T2), Subject Matter Expert
Position Type Full Time
Position Location Silver Spring, MD or Falls Church, VA
Tracking Code 00733
Daily Responsibilities
  • The candidate will serve as the Technology Transfer (T2) Specialist for the Research Directorate (J-9) designated as a national laboratory, Defense Health Agency (DHA).
  • The T2 specialist works with the J-9 staff and serves as the primary point of contact as the technical authority and expert, for all issues involving the protection of all intellectual property, technology transfer, medical research management, or research agreements for the J-9.
  • The Technology Transfer SME serves as a recognized technical and policy authority and adviser regarding biomedical research management and legal agreements governing medical research collaborations for J-9. Responsible for the application of applying advanced theories, concepts, principles, and processes within assigned research area of responsibility. Responsible for protecting all research performed in the laboratory and assuring the laboratory recoups cost of the research performed. Responsible for creating the DHA Procedural Instruction, Technology Transfer Program, specifically, establish and lead the J-9 T2 function, that is: formulate, direct and execute the overall J-9 T2 strategy, including short and long range plans, goals and objectives to align with DHA and J-9 objectives and priorities.
  • Serves as a subject matter expert regarding the regulations and current laws governing medical technology transfer agreements and the impact of changes in legislative and regulatory requirements. Due to the complexity of the novel research performed at the many laboratories in the MHS, incumbent will have a mastery of the professional federal and agency laws and regulations pertaining to complex research and technology agreements. Ability to develop new approaches in negotiating and executing technology long-term transfer contracts and agreements. Duties include supporting laboratory directors, disseminating information on medical laboratory products, processes and services to state and local governments and private industry; providing technical assistance in response to requests from state and local officials and private industry; and consulting with scientists and engineers working in Government, academic and industrial research centers on emerging and advanced state medical technology. (Approx. 35%)
  • Demonstrated ability to apply extensive understanding of biomedical science, evaluating complex research protocols, often requiring extensive research agreement support. Creates and analyzes complex technology agreements (to include multi-laboratory agreements), supporting cutting edge research encompassing wartime behavioral health, traumatic brain injury, blast trauma, complex wound management, along with the normal medical issues facing a world class medical center. Advises the Institutional Official and researchers regarding intellectual property rights and protection regarding the rights and interests of the Federal Government.
  • In providing optimum service, the T2 SME mediates between Laboratory Directors and the sources of direct research funding, or the intermediary Foundations, while developing substantive agreements and medical research management plans. Provides comprehensive medical expertise to the scientific review committee for research review, as appropriate. Develops and revises medical research policies to ensure alignment with the latest advances in Technology Transfer and Research Management. Due to the novelty of the position, there are few guidelines available. Incumbent is responsible for writing guidelines as the work progresses, to be used by other facilities. (Approx. 15%)
  • Demonstrated experience to perform as the recognized authority and primary advisor for training regarding medical technology transfer agreements and research management. Interfaces with departmental education programs to build and deliver an appropriate curriculum to train personnel and clinical research teams. (Approx. 10%)
Required: Years of Experience (min)
  • The VB Script Developer would need to have at least 5 years of experience.
Required: Degree
  • BA/BS Degree in related field
Required: Experience
  • Expert knowledge and ability to oversee the protection of all intellectual property, technology transfer, medical research management, or research agreements, throughout the organization and region.
  • Mastery of experimental theories in the development of unique guidance and guidelines in the protection of all intellectual property with medical research agreements.
  • Unprecedented skill and ability to master the challenges associated with managing multiple contracts, each continually evolving with experimental theories and cutting-edge technology at the DHA T2 Office
  • Mastery of a wide variety of educational design principles and methods sufficient to plan, coordinate, and design instruction for training regarding medical technology transfer agreements and research management.
  • Thorough understanding of science (across a wide swath of the hospital's coverage), to determine if the agreement between the MTF and partners is appropriate with sufficient funds coming to the facility to cover the costs of the research, negotiate with senior officials in outside organizations to assure the J-9 is getting fairly compensated, and be able to manage the agreements; average of 200 -300 new agreements per year per major laboratory (still to be determined; estimated number is 6). Many of these agreements are long term; 3-5 years.


  • Guidelines consist of general management policy statements, as well as pertinent legislative history, DoD regulations, and policy initiatives. T2 SME must be recognized as an expert in developing and/or interpreting guidance on program planning and evaluation in Research and Technology Agreements. Utilizes judgment and discretion in making adaptations/deviations to existing policy, for use throughout the region.


  • The T2 SME is the technical expert working with a high level of independence and recognized competence in evaluating and analyzing contracts where often there are complications due to continuing change in programs, technological developments, areas of uncertainty within healthcare, and conflicting program goals and objectives. The work performed involves defining, planning, developing, and implementing contracts to support the protection of all intellectual property in the J-9 laboratory. This requires the development of new information, as well as novel methods and approaches to program evaluation and effectiveness. Responsibilities require innovative decisions regarding approach, methodology, and interpretation of technology transfer. The work requires originating new guidelines and development initiatives, consistent with leading-edge research and the protection of intellectual property.
  • The work involves identifying, developing, and implementing innovative initiatives that directly affect the quality and effectiveness of technology transfer agreements. Work impacts the biomedical research management and legal agreements governing medical research collaborations in the region and throughout DoD.
  • T2 SME must possess the ability to build a professional network and establish contacts with personnel throughout the J-9 laboratory and DHA in a moderately unstructured setting. Must have demonstrated interpersonal skills to establish and foster contacts to share and exchange information regarding the contracts to support the transfer of technology. Influential and motivational skills are required in creating and delivering contracts to support a highly visible and evolving environment.
Required: Clearance
  • N/A

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