Alliant SB IT Service Categories

The Alliant SB contract includes Infrastructure, Application, and IT Management Services to support Federal government agencies’ integrated IT solution requirements. The specific offerings are categorized below:

Infrastructure Services Application Services IT Management Services
Service Access and Delivery Customer Services Controls and Oversight
Access Channels Customer Relationship Management Performance Management
Delivery Channels Customer Preferences Risk Management & Mitigation
Service Requirements Customer Initiated Assistance Contingency Planning
Service Transport Process Automation Continuity of Operations (COOP)
Service Platform & Infrastructure Tracking and Workflow Service Recovery
Support Platforms Routing and Scheduling Regulatory Development
Delivery Servers Business Management Services IT Policy and Guidance Development
Software Engineering Management of Process Planning and Resource Allocation
Database/Storage Organizational Management Budget Formulation/ Execution
Hardware/Infrastructure Investment Management Capital Planning
Component Framework Supply Chain Management Enterprise Architecture (EA)
Security/a> Digital Asset Services Strategic Planning
Presentation/Interface Content Management Management Improvement
Business Logic Document Management IT Security
Data Interchange Knowledge Management
Data Management Records Management
Service Interface and Integration Business Analytical Services
Integration Analysis and Statistics
Interoperability Visualization
Interface Knowledge Discovery
Back Office Services
Data Management
Human Resources
Financial Management
Asset/Materials Management
Development and Integration
Development and Integration
Human Capital/Workforce Management
Support Services
Security Management
Systems Management
Forms Management
Custom Mission Support Systems

Payment terms: Prompt payment terms will be defined at the task order level