Systems Plus Wins the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), Acquisition, Coordination, and Tactical Support (ACTS) 13th Scope of Work (SOW) Contract.

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Systems Plus is excited to announce the award of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), Acquisition, Coordination, and Tactical Support (ACTS) 13th Scope of Work (SOW) contract. This new contract award to Systems Plus provides CMS with acquisition, technical, analytical, and integrated project management and advisory services for the 13th SOW Quality Improvement (QI) Program efforts.

CMS scale and impact within the healthcare environment seeks to address the current state of what providers, beneficiaries, and healthcare workers are facing now in a post pandemic system. It also looks over the horizon to what is next so that we are ready to face future challenges seamlessly.

Systems Plus will be a key service provider in supporting the CMS Center for Clinical Standards and Quality (CCSQ) and iQuality Improvement & Innovation Group (iQIIG) to execute, plan, and bring efficiencies within its program design and procurement strategies so the agency can focus on its critical QI work and mission. “We are excited to partner with CMS and are extremely honored to have been selected to participate in supporting the 13th Scope of Work” Said Mr. Brij Koolwal, President and CEO. “We will work to advance the Agency’s strategic vision and are committed to providing CCSQ and iQIIG the expertise needed to manage this effort and advance CMS QI initiatives.”

Systems Plus will collaborate with CMS to implement innovation, data-driven decision-making, and evidence-based QI methods to make the difference in improving American lives, health outcomes, and the experience of care for Medicare beneficiaries now and in the coming future. Melissa Barnes, Vice President of Service Delivery stated “We are proud to provide strategic services to such an essential program in support of healthcare QI, innovation, and systems change…our team will hit the ground running to ensure CCSQ and iQIIG receive the expertise they need for successful implementation of the 13th SOW.”

We look forward to collaborating, coordinating, and facilitating 13th SOW team interactions across all involved stakeholder groups during 13th SOW pre-/post-award and helping iQIIG stand up the Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) program effectively.

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