Awarded 10 Year OMINIBUS-IV MA IDIQ Contract

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Systems Plus is excited to announce that it has been awarded the DHA OMINIBUS-IV $10 Billion Multiple Award IDIQ vehicle in all four (4) Market Segments:

Market Segment 1: Research & Development
Market Segment 2: R&D Support Services
Market Segment 3: Regulatory Processes
Market Segment 4: Translational Science Support & Services

Our support will span DHA R&D Program Areas within Medical Simulation Technologies; Military Health, Performance & Recovery; Joint Battlefield Healthcare; Chemical & Biological Readiness; Clinical Investigations, Graduate Health Science Education, & MHS Research; Emerging Science and Technology; and more.

“We are very proud to have been selected by DHA across all four market segments” stated Mr. Brij Koolwal, President & CEO, “Our approach will focus on agility and developing innovative best value solutions leveraging our incredible experts and reach within MHS, DoD, industry, and academia.” Today, we provide DHA with subject matter experts, analytic solutions, and integrated R&D management services—helping DHA solve complex problems and implement innovative military healthcare cost and policy centric delivery solutions.

Over the next 10 years, we will provide DHA with end-to-end military medical R&D from discovery to delivery. Our comprehensive advisory services span multiple DHA R&D programs and activities and the OMNIBUS-IV contracting vehicle will strength our reach to engage and support our clients in meeting their medical R&D needs. We look forward to our continued strategic partnership with DHA and stand ready to augment its objective of improving system operations, driving innovative solutions, and cultivating a culture of safety.

Systems Plus Partnering with DHA to deliver innovative health-related solutions and measurable and lasting results

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