Marine Corps Systems Command Commercial Enterprise Omnibus Support Services

MCSC is the principal Marine Corps activity involved in all facets of weapons systems acquisition, life cycle management (inclusive of all budget and contracting functions), and post-deployment logistics support. The CEOss business model ties together 1300 government customers across 24 technical offices with a vendor pool of 27 prime firms and over 150 participating firms. CEOss operates under a defined set of business rules, predicated upon competitive sourcing, in conjunction with a back office suite of estimating tools, document generators, and invoice management features residing on an enterprise architecture known as eP2. This application allows the ACSS office to provide end-to-end (e2e) procurement services – from requirements generation to task order management and close out – through a service center organization that employs only 7 full time staff (notably, 2 of these are 1102 contracting interns). This office provides for competition and award of all technical services requirements using the eP2 application to allow customers to input requirements from any of the principal MCSC offices using secure protocols that facilitate on-line, collaborative management of documents and attendant processes by customers, ACSS staff, and participating prime vendors. Through this business enterprise, the MCSC has expanded their customers’ access to highly-qualified, technical services firms – enabling dozens of companies previously excluded from doing business with the Command to economically participate as in both prime and subcontractor roles.

  • U.S. Navy and Marine Corps
  • Program and project management
  • Systems engineering
  • Technology management
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Financial management
  • Logistics