Corporate Profile

Global, Measurable, and Effective Business Solutions Provider

Since 1991, Systems Plus—an agile, financially sound small business—has achieved success for defense and civilian agencies through our specialized business practices. Systems Plus is a global transformational solutions provider with extensive experience in delivering business services and information technology (IT) solutions that solve complex business problems. Systems Plus is driven to achieve high standards of performance and customer satisfaction.

Systems Plus provides services through a wide range of contract vehicles that include a full current GSA schedule of contracts. We are proud of our high retention rate of personnel due to our methodical employment of highly qualified professionals who are experienced in change management, customer relationship management, knowledge management, change and project management methodologies, system integration, systems architecture, database architecture and customer support services.

Systems Plus, Inc. Capabilities Matrix

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  • Organized in 1991
  • Headquarters located in Rockville, MD
  • Financially sound, excellent credit rating
  • Excellent performance references
  • Providing services to civilian and defense agencies
  • Many GWAC and Agency-Wide contract vehicles
  • Appraised CMMI Maturity Level 3
  • Exceptional work environment
  • Global experience