Learning Management & Training


Research and Development

Systems Plus delivers world-wide training services and solutions across a broad range of Defense and Federal government programs to enhance workforce skills, expertise, and knowledge. As technologies continue to disrupt traditional training strategies and methods, we help clients adapt and evolve for streamlined, accessible, flexible, reliable, and effective training program implementations.

We deliver training services and solutions that adapt to mutliple learning modalities and promote competency and proficiency of systems users, managers, leaders, and employees—We provide global enterprise training program management; training assessments, strategy, and plans; curriculum/Program of Instruction (POI) development; training delivery (on-site, distance learning, online training (e-learning), webinar/seminars, etc…); and training transition/sustainment support activities for specialized systems and processes.

  • Training Program Management

  • Training Assessments/Evaluations

  • Development of Training Strategies and Plans

  • Instructional Systems Design – ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation) & other variations

  • Development & Maintenance of a Curriculum & Training Delivery System

  • Transition/Sustainment Training Activities

  • Student Administrative Support Worldwide

  • E-learning/online synchronous and asynchronous, classroom instructor-led, hands-on/on-the-job, computer-based training solutions as well as a blended learning approach to achieve learning success

  • New Equipment Training

  • In-house virtual Audio/Visual communication capability built to deliver reliable and secure Distance Learning sessions

Managing Global training programs for the DHA, USMC, U.S. Air Force, and USSOCOM that deliver the expertise to innovate a strong training development, delivery, and assessment solution drawing on industry best practices, subject matter expertise, effective processes, and efficient workflows



Systems Plus enhances and develops software and databases to be used for evaluations of analytic technologies. We have current and relevant experience within an R&D environment to provide Infrastructure engineering, development, coding/testing; test & evaluations; system engineering; Test lab support services; signal processing; computational linguistics; data set generation – design/development; and application prototyping and evaluation.


Systems Plus provides R&D and Fellowship program management support to contribute to the efficient/effective operation of government programs. Today, we provide program management and technical and scientific services to support Military Health R&D programs and portfolios as we as provide the U.S. Air Force with program, business, financial, and IT management services to administer R&D research program activities across Air Force laboratories and facilities nationwide.


Systems Plus has acquired significant R&D expertise and experience in the areas of automation, machine learning, human language technology, computer vision, software development, and data management through over 15 years of working with agencies such as NIST in support of projects funded and tasked by defense agencies. Today, we are actively involved with human language technology and biometric/fingerprint projects and have been deeply involved in the development and application of machine learning and computer vision algorithms for biometric systems as well as video/speech and multimodal data analytics. Our R&D and engineering work supports computing technology advances and standards development supporting natural language (text and speech), visual, biometric, and intelligent analytic technology innovations. Our scientists develop algorithms, perform computational analysis, and employ statistical methods, mathematical optimization, digital signals processing, logic, probability, and other advanced approaches to develop systems that use data mining, pattern/object recognition, and natural language processing.


Systems Plus provides support for R&D programs that focus on our Military, Veterans, and their families. We manage, develop, and implements policy and programs supporting emerging R&D activities across military health R&D programs; to include health services research, technology transfer, research portfolio management, and other program activities.


Systems Plus contributes expertise in the areas of several concurrent research activities across Federal and Defense Government programs—from military health, national defense, to advance computing technologies. Our work supports technology advances, policy/standards development; advanced business, economic, technological, and functional analysis; and the development and publication of information papers, white papers, special publications, briefings, presentations/remarks, analysis, executive summaries, and more.


Our skilled subject matter experts and research professionals are capable of supporting a broad range of research activities, including discovery, military and medical support services, technical strategy, technology transition, research computing and systems development, data collection and analysis, test & evalaution, scientific programming, and technical publications.

  • Consulting and Subject-domain Expert

  • Computer Scientists

  • Computer Engineers

  • Independent Contractor Consutants – Industry/Academia Researchers Nationwide

  • Management/Functional Analysts

  • Military Medical Health SMEs (i.e., Doctors, Nurses)

And More…


Our staff support efforts to advance investments and innovations, from concept to deployment, in collaboration with Federal and Defense clients to support National Defense and Military Health science, technology, and R&D programs.

Systems Plus Partnering with Customers to Deliver Measurable Results