Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP)

Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP)

Interruptions to important business functions and processes are costly. The main purpose of continuity of operations planning is the same for all organizations: to make certain your program functions without interruption during a disaster. Effective continuity of operations planning activities range from understanding the organization, to identifying essential functions and support requirements, to validating the plan through simulation exercises.

At Systems Plus, our highly experienced, certified professionals have decades of business continuity experience in government agencies and the private sector including: IT disaster resiliency, administrative settings, industrial environments, and logistics. We have emergency management and continuity of operations planning professionals who are Certified Business Continuity Professionals (CBCP), Certified Emergency Managers (CEM), and have Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) credentials. We tailor our services to match your agency’s needs and exact requirements. We provide a complete team, guided by certified professionals, to create your COOP plan from beginning to end—or only the portions you need. We can continue to upgrade and maintain your program by providing training, monitoring, making routine updates, and conducting annual simulation exercises—or we can train your people to manage the process.

Our continuity of operations planning services include:

  • Business impact statements
  • Hazards analysis
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Mitigation plans
  • Mission-essential functions analysis
  • Vital records plans
  • Notification, mass warning, and recall plans
  • Emergency relocation facilities plans
  • Alternatives plans
  • Reception plans
  • Devolution plans
  • De-confliction measures
  • Response and activation plans
  • Reconstitution plans
  • Assessment measures
  • Pandemic influenza plans
  • Employee participation
  • Mentoring
  • Union buy-in
  • Crisis management teams
  • Emergency management interoperability
  • Antiterrorism plans and programs

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