How to Use CIO-SP3 Small Business

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Prior to award, CIO-SP3 Small Business contract holders underwent a comprehensive review process, including dimensions such as technical capabilities, past performance, price, and cost. Such screening enables customers to buy quickly and with confidence. The National Information Technology Acquisitions and Assessment Center's (NITAAC) online system (e-GOS) streamlines the acquisition process with automatic distribution, built-in Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) guidance, and more. Customers can select awardees in as little as 30 days, and although such quick competition is not always prudent, it can and has been done.

NITAAC's online ordering system, e-GOS, streamlines the ordering process in a few easy steps:

  • Customer submits request for proposal (RFP)
  • NITAAC reviews scope and releases to eligible contract holders
  • Optional question-and-answer period follows
  • Contract holders submit proposal
  • Customer evaluates and selects awardee
  • Contracting Official prepares award in agencies' contract writing system (e.g., PRISM), using the CIO-SP3 Small Business contract number
  • Contracting Official loads award documents in e-GOS and submits to winning bidder

Processing Fee

NIH is required to collect an NIH Contract Access Fee (NCAF) from its customers to reimburse the cost of operating and administering the CIO-SP3 Small Business contract. NIH has determined this fee to be 0.75 percent charged against all task orders and applied to the total award value for contractor performance. The total award value is all-inclusive: labor; fees, including award fees and incentive pools; and other direct costs (ODC), including travel. The NCAF is included in all proposals as a separate contract line item.