Corporate Philosophy


We are a leader in providing agile, measurable, and effective business solutions to the federal government and private sector.


We work with a sense of duty to provide excellence in management consulting, technology, and defense strategic program services in a cost-effective manner using a business model which engages customers and employees, ensures long-term corporate growth, yet retains our small-business values of customer focus, responsiveness, and innovation.

What is the Systems Plus Difference? We provide:

  • Ability: Seasoned senior executives and government experience
  • Adaptability: Flexibility throughout changes
  • Agility: Customer-sensitive responsiveness
  • Accountability: Measurable, value-based results
  • Accessibility: Top-down personal attention to employees and customers
  • Stability: Financially sound business model and excellent credit
  • Reliability: Excellent performance references from satisfied customers

We understand the technology challenges that agencies face, and we work with them on technology/business transformation solutions–arriving at the “To Be” state. We align the new and innovative solutions and we use technologies for e.g :

  • Cloud Computing
  • Data Center Consolidation
  • Mobile Computing
  • Open Source